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Foreclosed Orange County House Asking $1.1M Looks a Little Blue

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Oh, to live on the glittering coast of Orange County, Calif., where everyone looks like pre-meltdown Mischa Barton and where lavish estates are a dime a dozen. Here's a fun one asking a cool $1.142M, despite the fact it was ravaged by vandals after being sold to the bank in a foreclosure auction last August. It's got loads and loads of alluring details: "Chemicals and cement were poured down drains, a Jacuzzi was left running for what may have been months, and a floor caved in from the weight of a huge pile of wet clothes and other junk. Most appliances, sinks and toilets were gone; only one toilet was left." Now, some of the wreckage has been fixed, of course—new pipes, no mold—but it's still lacking this stuff called drywall, lest the new owners be into exposed wood. Oh, and "installation of all interior decor" is another necessary upgrade. It's on a quiet cul-de-sac in a gated community, though, so within 48 hours of hitting the market the Realtor showed it to 30 interested people. Suckers!

· 'Worst' trashed house is back for $1.1 million [O.C. Register]