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Site of Famous Gallows Now Most Expensive House in Town

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Location: Charles Town, W.V.
Price: $1,995,000
The Skinny: On the morning of December 2, 1859, the violent abolitionist John Brown—who had led his famous raid on Harper's Ferry the previous October—was hanged in a small field in Charles Town, W.V. Forty-two years later, someone saw fit to build this lavish mansion on the site. The brick Victorian features nine fireplaces, Tiffany glass, exquisite wood paneling, a swimming pool, and a turret that climbs to a height of 113 feet. But even with 7,000 square feet and five bedrooms, a price tag of almost $2M seems a bit steep to live atop such a small plot of hallowed ground: the property measures less than an acre.
· 1891 Victorian Mansion [Luxury Portfolio]