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Tour an Art-Filled Windy City Condo That Has Everything—Literally

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We leave it up to our cousins over at Curbed Chicago to hone in on the Windy City's most jaw-dropping apartments—if they happen to come with an unbelievably charming French seller, well, that we consider a bonus. And, let's face it, if a place is going to be stocked wall to wall with art, we had better have a heavy French accent to make the sales pitch. In this case, it's owner Michele Vasarely who told Chicago Magazine that the place is actually really big—135 feet separate two bedrooms at one end to the master bedroom at the other—but, she admits, "it looks smaller." You don't say! Vasarely's father-in-law and late husband were both artists, and one gets the sense that the woman has spent every minute of her to-be-determined years amassing paintings, sculptures, and antiques, and then arranging them all in what she calls her "blank canvas." The price of clearing it all out and starting anew? $1.39M.

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