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Watch "Deathwish Movers" Move a 2,700-Pound Ice Sculpture

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Last night, the Milky Way never shined brighter—the moon, never clearer—as Travel Channel welcomed its newest show, Deathwish Movers, to Wednesday primetime. Set to—what else!—heavy-metal music, the show follows the guys of Boston-based Deathwish Movers they navigate the city's narrow streets and historic rowhouses while engaging in what can only be described as an extreme sport. You know, like hauling pianos out of second-floor windows by crane in a move casually called a "blind hoist." Much of their work is residential, of course, but the particular segment we liked best involved an eight-foot-tall, 2,700-pound ice sculpture of the Roman god Neptune that for some reason the Fairmont Battery Wharf hotel decided was absolutely essential to have. Even the poor sculptor, who spent 7 and a half hours of his life carving the beast, told the cameras, "I don't envy Deathwish Movers on this one."

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