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Philip Johnson's Follow-Up to Glass House Worth Less than Wetlands

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Location: New Canaan, Conn.
Price: $2,795,000
The Skinny: After midcentury starchitect Philip Johnson completed his now-iconic Glass House in 1953, he immediately turned to building a New Canaan, Conn., home for his friend Alice Ball. This is the result, one of five Johnson houses in town. Wide expanses of glass are tucked in to a stucco facade with a bit more privacy for the occupants than the Glass House. The pristine white interior is a perfect match for modern art. Curious then, that the Alice Ball House nearly saw the wrecking ball in 2008. A new owner, who had purchased the 2.2-acre property with the intention of building a new, larger home next to the 1,773-square-foot Johnson creation, had her plans stymied by New Canaan's planning commission, who said the driveway would disrupt a nearby wetland. The commission's suggestion? Tear down the Philip Johnson house and build a new one on the site. Unwilling to duel with preservationists, she put the house up for sale at $3.1M. After a couple years on the market, it's now ripe for the picking at $2.8M.
· 523 Oenoke Ridge [Sotheby's]
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