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Ikea's Pro-Gay Family Ad Incites Wrath All Throughout Italy

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Dio mio, what have we here! Just a little intolerance to brighten up Friday afternoon. To celebrate the opening of its latest Italian store, in Catania, Sicily, Ikea has released an ad depicting two men holding hands, along with the sentence: "Siamo aperti a tutte le famiglie." According to major Italian newspaper Il Giornale, this translates not to "We are open to all families" but rather: "We are all big fat sinners."

The country, as we know, is largely Catholic, and it seems Ikea's moral compass is at odds with a certain sector of the populace. "One has to ask what is the point of such a campaign by IKEA in Catania—it's obvious that they are just trying to get themselves talked about," wrote the newspaper, which happens to be owned by sextastic Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, later dismissing the campaign as an attempt at "Swedish imperialism." Topping all this classiness off was this final diss: calling Ikea "cheap furniture." Cheap or not, no self-respecting Italian up-and-comer would ever dress like that guy on the right.
· 'We are open to all families': IKEA provokes outrage in Italy after creating advert with gay couple holding hands [Daily Mail]