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Broker Shows No Confidence in Blinding Hamptons Beach House

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Location: Wainscott, N.Y.
Price: $23,500,000
The Skinny: Cole Perkins, the young lad over at Lavish Property, featured this Wainscott, N.Y. beach house last week, and found a lot to like about the five-bedroom contemporary. Pity the broker doesn't think so. He's been marketing this $23.5M property as a teardown, and spends much of the brokerbabble describing the house one could build on the site, rather than the one that's there, which, despite it's monochromatic color scheme, seems to be a well maintained—a casual beach house without the pretense. At 3,000 square feet, it's smaller than one might expect for the money, but there's something to be said for a throwback to the Gordon Gekko corporate raider architecture of the 1980s. We're not trying to say this is some architectural masterpiece, but does the Long Island coast really need another overgrown, nouveau-Shingle Style behemoth?
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