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French Chateau With Musical Toilet Now Home to Four Divorcees

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Philosophical inquiry: is 20,000 square feet large enough for all the baggage that inevitably accompanies four divorcees? Apparently one Texas woman is trying to find out; she's opened her massive mansion (a score from her own divorce) to three other women who find themselves facing a similar juncture in life. Read: the Playboy Mansion for 40-somethings where life is all sunshine and kittens. "We are a total support system for each other—we pray, share food, clothes, try on clothes, and have fun all the time," owner Jacque Evans explains, adding, "We try to laugh every day and are actually having a blast!" As for the estate itself, it has six living rooms, two pools, a "Moroccan" media room, a half-bath with a musical flushing toilet, exercise rooms (plural), and 450 feet of waterfront along Lake Grapevine. The ladies share the grounds with Longhorn, cattle, and horses, plus wild deer, rabbits, coyotes, snakes, and other critters—no doubt the biggest perk of post-married life. They'll remain in the house until it sells—it's currently on the market for $19.9M,—at which point they'll all begrudgingly move out of the gated community in the town named, coincidentally, "Flower Mound."

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