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A Pictorial Tour of Joseph Stalin's Closely Guarded Summer House

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It must be Homes of Murderous Dictators week here at Curbed! First, we saw what happened to Muammar el-Qaddafi's vacation retreat in Libya—it seems more than a few protestors are unhappy with the despotic leader these days—and we just stumbled upon pics of Joseph Stalin's old summer home in Moscow. Located 10 minutes from The Kremlin, the house is fully intact yet closed for visitors, even all these decades after Stalin's death. Some features: a hand-woven Iranian carpet worth more than $1M, a crystal table set made to resemble the Palace of the Soviets building, and a record player and radio set that was a gift from Winston Churchill. Stalin was well known to dislike mirrors, so there are hardy any; he also preferred living in "room capsules"—finished rooms suitable for living, eating, and working. He would live in each for a week and then move on, which explains why many of them have similar furnishings. Creeptastic!

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