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1stDibs' Budget-Stretching Solutions to Sullen Summer Decor

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Whether brightening up a dreary studio apartment or lavishing millions a beachside getaway, spring is the time to break out of the winter decorating doldrums and ring in the warm weather with some suitable furnishings. So finally cast out the holiday decorations and embrace another season where clichés seem to stay cool forever. We took a look around the online decor store amalgamator 1stDibs to seek out antiques appropriate for a beach house—or anywhere in need of a little early jump on summer. Their solutions might not be the cheapest, but they sure are pretty. Up first, it's that great standby of American decor, the American flag. Besides lending an air of patriotism to a lazy summer, they also punch up subdued spaces with the colorful stars and stripes. This particular example (above) was stitched around 1865, includes a 36th star for Nevada's recent statehood, and measures six feet by nine feet. According to the seller, the flag flew above Cleveland, Ohio following the Lincoln assassination. This sort of authentic Americana doesn't come cheap: the Venice, Calif.-based shop Urban Country is asking $25K.

? What's better for rekindling fond memories of the sea than the bones of something that grew up in it? That's right, nothing. And this whale vertebra comes virtually guilt-free, considering it's been washed up here on dry land since the 1800s, which isn't to say that it's free—far from it, in fact. This monochrome specimen carries a price of $650 at DC's Darrell Dean Antiques & Decorative Arts.

? For our money, there's no midcentury creation more endeared to trustafarian surfers than the Charles Eames Surfboard Table, a staple of Malibu oceanfront interiors. A product from the man who perfected the chair, the simple oval, constructed of plebeian materials like plywood, laminate, and steel, now fetches some upscale prices. This example, landlocked at 20cDesign in Dallas, Tex., is asking $4,400.

? When it comes to nautical memorabilia, we're largely ambivalent. Yes, a massive ship's anchor is impressive, but, unless your grandfather captained the ship from whence it came, it comes off looking a little desperate. So how bout these polished brass Art Deco andirons to brighten up an otherwise dim corner of the summer living room? The provenance is a little shaky—1930s to '50s is the seller's estimate—but the price set by Boston's Tom Gibbs Studio isn't so off-putting at $575.

? Lastly, what would summer be without a few outdoor dinners? This oiled teak outdoor dining table makes for a stunning backdrop to your BBQ specialties and disassembles when summer is over for easy storage. Now, it might not be an antique—no, 1999 simply doesn't count yet—but impresses with clean lines and polished luster anyway. The one thing it needs is a price tag; interested parties will have to contact Petersen Antiques in L.A. for that important undisclosed tidbit.
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