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Please Meet the Prince William and Kate "Commemorative Fridge"

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We're going to pay no attention to the item shown here just for a second to make note that The Today Show is so excited about the royal wedding that it has created a blog called "The Windsor Knot" just to pay tribute to it. Today on this blog, the story of the Prince William and Kate-themed refrigerator above unfolds. Manufactured by GDHA, GE's U.K. distributor, the appliance—technically called a "commemorative fridge"—is apparently a "popular choice," according to a spokesperson. He later goes on to make fun of the "your usual commemorative tea towels and mugs" because as far as royal wedding products, they're not "novel" enough. Anyone need a kitchen upgrade?

· Keep the royal romance fresh, refrigerated [The Windsor Knot on Today via Today via BuzzFeed]