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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 8: Partnering Up

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Episode 8 of Million Dollar Listing leads us one step closer to next week's finale. Sorry we missed last week's action-packed episode—recapper Josh Williams was taking a well-deserved vacation—but to briefly summarize what happened last week: Josh Altman sold that pricey home and took on some condos, Josh Flagg kept writing his book, Madison's friends tried to find him a boyfriend, Madison and Josh A. fought over Heather, and most importantly Curbed's Broker Babe 2007 Jessica Blafer made a very special guest appearance. Sadly, she's no longer in real estate.

This episode, Josh Flagg's storyline revolves around his attempt to sell a Beverly Hills mansion that's deep in the process of renovation. Josh meets with Barbara, the estate rep, who is in charge of selling the home for the family of the recently deceased homeowner. The 6,865-square-foot home located at 922 N. Beverly Drive includes a pool, five bedrooms, nine baths, an elevator, and a great location all on an 18,000-square-foot lot. After climbing over construction debris littering the house, Josh suggests the family complete the work on the property to get a higher price but Barbara says they want to sell now—and she wants $5M or more for the house. Rolling his eyes at the crazy lady, Josh tells her the most they can get now, considering the state of the property, is $4.5M. Josh hopes to up the cachet of the property by initially offering it as a pocket listing rather than throwing it onto the MLS. They agree to list the home at $4.5M.

During a series of private broker showings, Josh tries to put a good spin on the home's potential but everyone hates it because it's an unfinished mess and there's disgusting green water at the bottom of the pool. Josh explains that it's difficult to show homes that aren't turnkey because nobody, apparently not even the rich, can get construction loans at the moment. Bankers are the worst!

Once again, Josh is stumped by this whole house-selling business thing, so he turns to his most trusted advisor to help him out. Popping up to his grandmother's penthouse, Josh asks for guidance. Grandmother Edith, dressed in a fur coat and diamond earrings, suggests Josh (who is dressed in his house robe and slippers) have an open house with a table full of food. By serving food, she posits, other agents will be immobilized as they nosh on free food, allowing Josh to charm them with his highly evolved social skills, thereby making the agents want to bring their clients into the middle of the construction zone and offer oodles of dollars for the money pit. It sounds like a plan. There is no sale by episode's end.

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