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If Chairs Were Human Emotions, Here's What They'd Look Like:

Apparently you are not what you eat, but where you sit! Swedish designer Tomas Ekström is trying to prove that chairs are so much more than just chairs with his Emoticon project, featured today on Co.Design. He's shrunken the vicissitudes of the psyche down to four basic feelings, each represented by a unique chair: (above clockwise from left) Despondence, Rapture, Dread—described by the artist as a "huge black, chromed prism...a symbol for a relentless, unstoppable negative force"—and Repose, which is "basically one big foam filled form, wrapped in textile." Hey, that's sort of like normal chairs! Naturally, there's a whole video series that supplements Ekström's work, complete with trippy music and no actual words, over here.

· What Would Happiness and Despair Look Chairs? [Co.Design]