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Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About a Bird-Shaped Home

This week, the New York Times voyages to the base of the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic to visit a couple who decided to build and live in a bird-shaped home. These are fascinating people who not only consider a basement aquarium a "stylistic" necessity, but also considered putting a shark in it. Let's explore the architectural marvel they call home, shall we?
· It's made of steel, glass, and titanium.
· Despite winds in this region reaching nearly 75 miles an hour, it does not, in fact, fly away.
· It was built for $6M and sits on 42 acres of land.
· The design was inspired by a blackbird spreading "her wings over her nest on the balcony of my ranch," says Roman Kuba, the architect.
· The home embodies "organic architecture"—the notion that architecture should be inspired by the natural environment.
· To keep a sense of lightness, the steel beams supporting the "wings" were clad in wood.
· There's a central glass staircase inside.
· The overall design scheme was inspired by Dubai's Burj Al Arab Hotel and other sea resorts.
· Not a Bird or a Plane, but Home [NYT]