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Swankiest Doomsday Bunker of All Time Being Built in Nebraska

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is why, in the wake of the earthquake in Japan, a bunch of people are ready to move to Nebraska. CNN reports that reservations to secure rooms in Vivos's high-end fallout shelters have risen 1,000 percent since last week out of fear that the end times will arrive in 2012, just as the Mayan calendar has forecasted. The fair Cornhusker State may not come to mind as an ideal place to weather the apocalypse—wouldn't most people be someplace in the Caribbean?—but currently underway in an undisclosed location is the construction of a concrete-and-steel bunker that Vivos bills as a four-star hotel. Really, the end times don't seem half-bad! Amenities include swanky lounges, a bakery, deluxe bedrooms, dental facilities, a medical center, pet-pampering services, a fully stocked wine cellar, and even a prison should evacuees become unruly. About the size of a Wal-Mart, the space accommodates 950 people at a rate of $25K a head.

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