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Decade of Excess Spawns Maxed-Out Euro Estate on Lake Tahoe

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Location: Incline Village, Nev.
Price: $22,850,000
The Skinny: Christine Deorio of Mountain Living tipped us off to this European-influenced mansion on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Despite outward appearances, the stone castle is a product of the '80s—the 1980s—and wasn't built by some robber baron, but rather by a local real estate investor who has owned the property ever since. The interior is 9,000 square feet of Euro-style formality, with wood paneling, leaded glass windows, and decorative moldings that even extend into the garage. Outside, there are well-kept hedges and gardens, a private dock with a boat lift, and sculpture-bedecked fountains. CNBC might have awarded this manse the mantle of "2011's most romantic home in America," but we're more inclined to give it a thumbs down for romance. After all, there's nothing romantic about explaining where that $23M went.
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