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Mice Duel for Domination in Wild London Taxidermy Exhibit

Cool Hunting is taking a look at London's Hawkins Zoomorphic Exhibit that's currently offering up 200 animal objects and antiquities. The two-some-odd-minutes video is much like a magical, mystical tour through a world of snake vertebra, monkey skulls, and a stuffed-mice diorama where the involved parties have "blood drawn on the opponent." At one point, host Emma Hawkins asks, "Wouldn't be more fun to actually use [these animal objects] and maybe create a room that's made of antlers?" Yikes!

Video: Touring Zoomorphic Collection

Cool Hunting Capsule Video: Zoomorphic Collection from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

· Cool Hunting Capsule Video: Zoomorphic Collection [Cool Hunting]