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A-Rod, Donning a Landlord Hat, Neglects His Apartment Complex

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We always knew the Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez had an affinity for shiny new things—apartments with tax breaks, pretty blonde girlfriends—but we never knew the slugger had a penchant for neglecting the un-shiny things of his past. Rodriguez owns the real estate company that has the title to the Normandy Park Apartment complex, just outside Tampa, thus bringing us to the next thing we didn't really know about him: he's sort of a landlord! TMZ has reported that he has allowed the complex to fall into major disrepair: holes in walls, rusty pipes, overflowing trash. The pool, too, was a swampy mess until it was recently drained by city officials, presumably the first in a whole series of upgrades. But let's face it, A-Rod wouldn't be the first person to make millions of dollars a year who needs whole SWAT teams to take care of the dirty work.

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