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House-Yacht Hybrid Casa Whaley Beached on Florida's West Coast

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Location: Bradenton, Fla.
Price: $1,750,000
The Skinny: Built by a master yachtsman, Casa Whaley, this 6,200-square-foot estate, keeps its owner in the thrall of the water even on dry land with its 102 feet of river frontage. The house features wrap-around porches along the second level, a 4000-square-foot Philippine shell stone patio, a swimming pool, and a koi pond, all good for entertaining after long months at sea. The interior isn't as much of a departure from a seagoing vessel, with the wood-paneling and all, but we doubt many yachts have a stone bar or a commercial-grade Viking stove. The four-bed, four-bath is asking $1.75M in Bradenton, Fla.
· Casa Whaley [Sotheby's]