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Rentals With Tanning Beds Still Available in Vegas and Arizona!

Today the Wall Street Journal Developments blog interviews president Peggy Abkemeier-Alford, who sings the sad, sorry dirge of the national rental market. You see, during the housing slump, people shacked up to save money and one bedrooms were a dime a dozen; now that things are looking brighter, those one-bedroom apartments are harder to come by. Translation: higher prices, fewer incentives. Gone are the days of free Starbucks gift cards, people! Isn't there always a silver lining, though? Turns out it's a renter's market, with plenty of affordable one-bedroom inventory, in Arizona and Las Vegas, and some apartment complexes in these magical places still offer tanning beds in hopes of "building a communtiy around the property." The possibility of owning that white picket-fence house may still be out of reach, but Abkemeier-Alford assures us that it's possible to rent that dream. Hopefully while wearing some serious SPF.

· Renters Scoring Tanning Beds - and More [WSJ]