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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 9: Another Season Gone

It's the final episode of Million Dollar Listing, Season 4. It's been a seasons of ups and downs, but mostly yawns. Long drawn out yawns. But for those of you needing your Million Dollar Listing fix, we hear the New York version is in production so maybe you can ask the Curbed NY folks to recap that nonsense for you. Let's share the poorly scripted pain with our East Coast brothers.

This episode begins with Josh Flagg's listing from the last episode, the 6,865-square-foot old-timey mansion located at 922 N. Beverly Drive. The house, listed at $4.5M, hasn't received any offers following the first broker's open house. Josh is concerned that potential buyers can't envision what a finished house will look like due to its current state of disrepair. If only they would invest a few million to finish the property and suck out the green ooze from the bottom of the pool it could be worth $8 or $9M. Following his grandmother's advice to throw a party, Josh plans to lure in buyers by having a "construction-themed" open house. He prepares for his terrible idea by going to a hardware store and buying a basket of hardware items. Josh explains that he knows how to market a property so he hires three semi-attractive girls to hand out Xhampagne and act as distractions so that the potential buyers and agents will ignore the half-finished house around them.

Later, during breakfast with his boyfriend Colton, Josh gets a call from his office. The home on Beverly Drive has received an offer of $3.9M from Ben, one of the people who toured the house during Josh's open house. Colton helpfully reminds us that this is $600K below the listing price. Good, Colton.

Josh calls Barbara, the seller's representative, to ask her what she thinks about Ben's offer. She's unwilling to sell at that low price and rejects the offer, but Josh suggests they drop the price by $100K, to $4.4M, in a counteroffer. Barbara agrees. Josh puts Barbara on hold and calls Ben with the counteroffer. Ben tells Josh that he will go no higher than $4.1M for the property.

Josh puts him on hold, presents Barbara with the offer, which she again rejects, but they agree to counter with $4.2M. When presented with the counteroffer, Ben hems and haws, but quickly folds like a deck of cards and takes the $4.2M counter offer. And the house is surprisingly sold.

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