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Hotel Employees Claim That a Chair is Making Them Pregnant

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ZOMG, we always knew chairs had powers, but this is unheard of: seven hotel employees in England are claiming that the chair they've all sat on while at work has made them all pregnant with boys, and all within a span of 18 months. Said so-called "fertility chair" "is just a typical office swivel chair, but we now have staff refusing to sit on it," says a stupefied general manager. He continues: "Our hotel is well known in the area and now we will be known as the place to come for a baby boy." What's even more entertaining than the story itself are the comments on the Daily Mail post, which range from "Unless couples are coming in and having sex on the chair, I very much doubt it is the chair" to "Its not the chair that is getting them pregnant..its unprotected sex..i bet the manager loves having all of those employees on maternity leave!" to "They should sell the chair to the NHS. Cheaper than IVF treatment!!" Our official stance? Magic!

· Hotel's 'fertility chair' sees seven staff fall pregnant in just 18 months [Daily Mail]