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There's a Furnishings-Obsessed Thief on the Loose in Canada!

A burglar has police in Abbotsford, British Columbia stumped—instead of stealing expensive electronics or jewelry, he/she has been stealing coffee tables, end tables, and paintings. He's burglarized two homes and countings. "It really is like someone is doing a home makeover,” said the constable. “We suspect that a person is refurnishing or upgrading the furniture in their own residence, and strangely they have the same taste in paintings as their victims.” Could it be that he's conspiring with the guy who spent $1.638M of stolen money to build and decorate his beach house in Jersey?

· Thief with a penchant for coffee tables and paintings leaves B.C. police stumped [National Post]
· Man Uses $1.638M of Stolen Money to Build and Decorate House [Curbed National]