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Mountain Estate Took More Than a Jigsaw To Assemble

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Location: Aspen, Colo.
Price: $48,500,000
The Skinny: In the country's wealthiest mountain town, astronomical housing prices are nothing new. In 2006, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia put his 95-acre ranch—and its 56,000-square-foot main house—up for sale at the astonishing price of $135M. So somehow this is a town that makes a $50M price tag on a 90-acre ranch seem like a deal. Jigsaw Ranch was built by commercial real estate heavyweights George and Mark Rosenthal as a personal mountain getaway, but the family has decided to sell to focus on other "challenges," like building a yacht. So what are they giving up to pursue a watery life of leisure? Try two sprawling main houses, one almost 21,000 square feet and constructed over the course of 15 years to resemble a mountain village. The other measures in at 11,000 square feet and features an entrance accessed by a bridge over a babbling mountain brook.
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