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Photographer Resurrects and Redecorates Mom's '60s Dollhouse

Photos: Hilda Grahnat

The Curbediverse is no stranger to dollhouses—nor are we bashful about our love of them—so when we stumbled upon the blog of Swedish photographer Hilda Grahnat, well, let's just say there was a jig. Writes Grahnat:
My dad was kind enough to bring my mom's dollhouse from the '60s down from the attic when I was home last weekend. We were allowed to play with it carefully when we were kids; now I decorated it from memory and according to my mom I got most of it right. Isn't it lovely? My favorites are the wallpaper, the kitchen cabinet, the radio-gramophone and the skier on the little TV. My mom says she wished for one piece of furniture at a time (for birthdays and Christmas) and she never actually had any dolls in it. But if she's anything like me she probably preferred re-decorating anyway. Flip through the gallery above.

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