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Man Stuffs Ex-Girlfriend's Mother Into a Fold-Out Couch

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In today's weird anger-management news, a Palmetto, Fla., man named Mark Foreman had an unusually spicy reaction to disliking his ex-girlfriend's mother, so naturally he shoved her into a fold-out couch. According to police reports, Foreman arrived at her house and asked to use the bathroom; upon seeing her lying on the couch he asked—in a stern, robotic, villainous voice, presumably—“What is this?” He then “pushed victim onto the fold out couch and folded victim inside of the couch.” Although it's unclear how much time she was actually inside the couch, she walked away with injuries to her wrist and back. Just think: this could have been her son-in-law!


· Cops: Man Trapped Woman in Fold-Out Couch [The Smoking Gun via Jezebel]