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Massive Ice Sculpture is Just About as Big as One Man's House

We've got to hand it to proud Minnesota resident Roger Hanson. Instead of complaining about the weather in his fair state, he's turned lemons into lemonade a 65-foot-tall ice sculpture with the help of a snazzy at-home geothermal heating system. In November, Hanson erects structural poles; later, a computer system determines when the weather is so cold that any water sprayed onto the poles will freeze, thus "growing" the castle. It looks like his creation is about the width of his house, but luckily for Hanson there seems to be nary a NIMBY in sight. Comments on Hanson's official Winter Water Wonder page range from "Thank you for sharing your talent and your artistry with everyone" to "That is such a GREAT THING YOU ARE DOING!...When will you hit the 100 ft. mark and turn it into an amusement park?" Looks like that former Blue's Clues star who built a sorry little igloo in his Brooklyn backyard should get to work.

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