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House Listed for a Dollar Ends up Selling for Less Than Five Grand

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One of the cheapest houses in the country, this 1,800-square-foot house in Crawfordsville, Ind., was recently auctioned on eBay for $1 or best offer. No, the "M" denoting "million" so familiar to the Curbediverse is not missing. We do, in fact, mean a single, sole, sad dollar. The owner, who presumably bought the place from a bank, explained in the posting that he's "the laziest person in Indiana when it comes to physical labor and I get 100 times lazier when it is cold outside." It took this guy an hour just to change the locks! Therefore, in figuring out what to do with this house, he sought out someone with better fix-it skills. After all, "This house needs a little work. Some of the repairs it needs are; new shingles, drywall ceiling repair where the roof was leaking, new siding, carpeting, and a few windows." The improvement assessment valued the land and the property at $51,800, but it just sold for $4,900.

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