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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 6: Condo in WeHo

Welcome back to Million Dollar Listing, now on its new night, joining Glee to make America's dumbest night of television. This week Madison struggles to sell in WeHo and the two Joshes deal with foreigners. Josh Williams recaps as usual. Onward!

This episode Josh Altman and his dim-witted assistant Mikey have an urgent Saturday meeting because a potential big commission is in the making. An East Coast family friend, Evan, has contacted Josh A. looking to buy a property in Los Angeles for his client, a mysterious European businessman. Josh A. describes Evan as "a high-end concierge" who basically caters to his wealthy clientele. Evan is flying in for one day to look at "the best properties on the market." Evan is interested in looking at homes in the $10M to $20M range. You can practically see the drool coming out of the side of Josh A.'s mouth as he counts his commission in his tiny head. He goes on to explain to slow-learning Mikey that the Evan in isn't buying the house himself—he's just making the recommendation to the buyer on which house to buy.

Josh A. picks up Evan from the airport and at some point in their 24-hour whirlwind of activity, they make a stop at a nine-bedroom, nine-bath home located at 12300 Mullholland Drive. The home is listed at $12M and includes a two-story guest house, twin mirrored staircases and canyon views. The interior of the home is massive, and per the listing includes parking for 100 cars. Is that even possible? Midway through the showing, Evan has seen enough and tells Josh A. that they should move on.

They bolt from the Mulholland property and go to another listing in the exclusive Beverly park neighborhood. The home located at 72 Beverly Park Drive is uber-slick, featuring 20,000 square feet, 11 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, a private gym, a guest house, a panic room, and a 12-person Jacuzzi, all on 6.7 acres and listed at $19M. You can tell this house has an interesting story—like it was built by a Qaddafi son or an heir to the Lap Band fortune. Something like that. And in fact it sort of does. Per the Real Estalker, the home was owned by "porn purveyor Norm Zada":
"Although Mister Zada earned a doctorate from UC Berkeley, worked as an adjunct professor of mathematics at institutions of higher learning like Stanford and Columbia, became a champion poker player and a money manager, he chose to make his big bucks and major mark on the world with a seriously smutty magazine called Perfect 10 in which women who have not had any cosmetic surgery are pictured baring their naughty bits and nether parts in all their extremely explicit glory." Head to million-dollar-listing land Curbed LA to see what happens next. >>