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Ian Schrager Warns Crate and Barrel to Desist its "Ian" Sofa

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Hold the sexy designbabble, please! Ian Schrager will not be romanced by the "tight back" nor the "waxy luster" of Crate and Barrel's Ian Leather Sofa. In fact, the hotelier is so offended by the $3,499 couch that he sent a cease-and-desist letter to the furniture brand insisting they stop using his name without permission. The whole brouhaha gained speed after the Crate and Barrel upholstery buyer let loose a dirty little secret to the Associated Press. "The Ian white leather sofa pays tribute to Ian Schrager, who pioneered the concept of hotel lobby as 'club,'" she said, apparently not realizing Schrager would take issue with being described as "sleek at the peak of fashion."

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