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Pacino Wax Figures, "Butt Shakers" For Newest O.C. "Housewife"

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Peggy Tanous, the newest member of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County seems awfully chipper these days, despite the fact that her Irvine, Calif., home is scheduled for a foreclosure auction. It must be all the fumes emanating from the Al Pacino wax figures! Tanous gives the O.C. Register a full-on video tour, wherein she explains her love of Versace (she and her husband had the medallion logo emblazoned onto the floor of the entryway), her husband's love of Pacino (he's got wax Pacino from The Godfather and wax Pacino from Scarface), a wine-on-tap system (they've got four bottles on tap at all times), and an in-home theater with "butt shakers." It's "so you can really enjoy the movie," she sagely explains.


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