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Five Things Learned From NYT Profile of Dubya's Ranch

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Today the New York Times runs a feature on Bush 2's Crawford, Texas, ranch, speaking with former First Lady Laura about what it's like to live in the decidedly un-Washingtonian digs. The photos are terrific, and here's what we found most interesting:

5: Mrs. Bush is maladroit in the kitchen! For Thanksgiving, "I just roasted the turkey breast," she explains. "The whole turkey seemed too difficult." Yet, she loves cleaning.
4: She's a big fan of Hillary Clinton, citing a shared interest in women's issues. "I am still in touch with her, and periodically our staffs talk," she says. (Does she know that Hillary Clinton is currently being likened to a random house? Hmm.)

3: Her favorite object in the house is a bunch of walking canes, carved with the Ten Commandments, made by a formerly homeless man in Dallas. The Bushes once gave one of them to Pope Benedict.
2: The home was built in 2000, when Al Gore was running for U.S. President. To boot: it's energy efficient, with geothermal heating and cooling.
1: She and George eat breakfast and dinner together every night.

Photo: Stefan Ruiz/NYT
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