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Watch What It's Like to Live in a 90-Square-Foot Studio Apartment

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It's no big news that people will go to any lengths to live in Manhattan, particularly in certain tony parts of town like the Upper West Side. Rents in that neighborhood are far more astronomical than $700 a month, which is exactly what a woman named Felice Cohen pays on her 90-square-foot studio. As Cohen leads a video tour through the space, we learn that she must contend with some unusual adversities. "The bathroom is pretty big; you just have to be careful you don't hit your knee when you're sitting on the toilet," she says, later adding that "it can be a little daunting getting in of the tub" and that the lofted bed gave her panic attacks when she first moved in. Watch carefully and be sure to learn from the certain truths Cohen outlines about so-called "city life," such as, "in New York City people store their laundry in their stoves, anyway." Terrific!

Video: Touring a 90-Square-Foot Apartment

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