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Bunk Up in the House From The Apprentice Season Six

Back in 2007, there was such a thing as The Apprentice without any celebrity contestants. Season six of the Trumponian show featured a bunch of finance and real estate people who were forced to live in "Tent City" (which had cold showers and no electricity but definitely had boozy drinks) unless they completed certain challenges successfully. The prize? Moving into a 9,000-square-foot Beverly Hills estate with both a Mullholland Drive address and a 90210 zipcode. Fancy! Anyway, the manse is currently renting for $49K a month, reports Zillow today. Multiple bars, a media room, a kitchen with a pizza oven, and three reception rooms make the glassy wonder ripe for entertaining any guests who are fascinated by C-list reality TV stars.

· "The Apprentice" Season 6 House For Rent: $49,000/Month [Zillow]