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Some of America's Ghost Towns Lie Just Outside its Major Cities

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The Atlantic is taking a look at some pretty grim figures about the country's ghost towns, those counties with more than 10,000 homes that happen to more than 55 percent vacant. While the places made famous by their unemployment rates—Arizona, Florida, Nevada—have all seen surges in vacancies in their remote towns these last few years, writer Douglas McIntyre notes that many counties near big cities have become ghost towns as well. Just 75 miles outside Grand Rapids, Mich., is Lake County, where vacancy is 66 percent. Seventy-four miles outside Denver is Summit County, where vacancy is 61 percent. And so on.
10: Aitken County, Minn., vacancy 54 percent. 86 miles from Duluth.
9: Burnett County, Wisc., vacancy 55 percent. 98 miles from Minneapolis.
8: Sawyer County, Wisc., vacancy 56 percent. 110 miles from Duluth, Minn.
7: Dukes County, Mass., vacancy 57 percent. 58 miles from New Bedford.
6: Dare County, N.C., vacancy 57 percent. 68 miles from Plymouth.
5: Mono County, Calif., vacancy 59 percent. 176 miles from Fresno.
4: Worcester County, Md., vacancy 60 percent. 29 miles from Ocean City.
3: Summit County, Colo., vacancy 61 percent. 74 miles from Denver.
2: Vilas County, Wisc., vacancy 62 percent. 150 miles from Green Bay.
1: Lake County, Mich., vacancy 66 percent. 75 miles from Grand Rapids.

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