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"Bioscleave House" Promises to Make You a Whole Lot Younger

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Location: East Hampton, N.Y.
Price: $4,000,000
The Skinny: The straight-laced and monied Long Island enclave of East Hampton is probably the last place we would have expected to find this moonscape of an interior—never mind the technicolor stripper poles. But, leave it to architects Arakawa + Gins to change all that. Their Bioscleave House, which has been written up everywhere from the New York Times to infinity, was conceived to stall the aging process by making "people use their bodies in unexpected ways to maintain equilibrium." All that aside, let's look at aesthetics as we would any other listing. Those poles might very well be structural supports, but in the context of this amorphous living/dining/ kitchen mashup what were we supposed to think? The exterior is ever so slightly more subdued, with the same smattering of garish colors applied in blocks to a bunker-like facade. Summer is fast approaching and Hamptons hopefuls are getting desperate, but we can't imagine anyone ponying up the $4M to have the pleasure of renovating this joint into something that might be considered livable. Or—with those bumpy, lumpy floors—the pleasure of feeling nauseous all season long.
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