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Extravagant Dog Houses Suited For the World's Most Expensive Dog

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Recently a Chinese minerals mogul paid $1.5M for an 11-month-old red Tibetan mastiff, making it the most expensive dog ever sold. So where does one keep such a pampered pooch? Making the valuable canine bed down in the usual plywood dog house surely isn't an option, so we went looking for some stately alternatives. Little did we know just how expensive—or elaborate—some of these dog houses could get. The Swiss Chalet Dog House from Beyond The Crate (above) is, believe it or not, one of the cheaper options in this roundup. The $5,300 price tag buys a scaled-down version of a Swiss mountain retreat, complete with shutters, windows, balconies, and flower pots.

? From the same unnamed "world renowned artist and designer" as the Swiss chalet, this Greek Revival number sets buyers back $10K. Outfitted with details such as mullioned windows, a columned facade, and a generously sized entryway, this miniature manor would fit in well in any historic district.

? What if the owner has a predilection for glassy modern houses and wants a doggy shelter to match? No problem. The German firm Best Friend's Home will provide this clean-lined modern design—in a self-proclaimed Bauhaus style—for around $2,900. We're not sure true form-follows-function acolytes would be too thrilled, though.

? If value is really no consideration, this garish brick Colonial replica might be an option; it costs a whopping $25K. Designed by renowned dog house architect Alan Mowrer, this house can be customized to match the owner's own residence exactly, using scaled down blueprints.

? This Hacienda dog house might have been designed for a Hollywood personality, but it's angling for a Carlos Slim-sized wallet with its $30K price tag. At this rate, there are some actual—you know, human-sized—houses you could get for that price. Granted, this outsized pooch palace has plenty of real house features, like available running water, electricity, air conditioning, and heat. Anything for man's best friend!
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