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Off-Beat Hotels Make Tempting Cases For Temporary Insanity

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Way back in September, we took a peek at a Costa Rican hotel that stuck a retired 727 airliner in the treetops as a VIP suite. Well it turns out Costa Rica isn't the only country home to some wacky vacation getaways. From Connecticut to Belgium, we've found five more hotels and hostels with exotic accommodations sure to make bedding down part of the fun. While they might not share in the superhero cachet of Taiwan's Eden hotel, these picks also don't rent out by the hour, making them a far less scandalous alternative. In fact, should some scandal erupt, the Mirrorcube at Sweden's Treehotel (above) would make the perfect place to hide from the world. Supported by a single tree trunk, the 173-square-foot cabin is fronted on all sides with mirrored glass. Concerned for the safety of local wildlife, the Swedish architecture firm Tham & Videgård Arkitekter had the glass panels lined with an infrared film visible only to avian eyes.

? If that 727 down in Costa Rica wasn't quite big enough to satisfy gimmick-minded guests, this repurposed Boeing 747 jumbo jet on the tarmac of Stockholm's Arlanda airport should do the trick. Known as JumboStay, the hostel offers a range of accommodations, from four person shared dormitory rooms in "coach" to the honeymoon suite nestled in the upstairs cockpit. Prices are reasonable too, but, given the location amidst a steady stream of still-functional (read: loud) aircraft, that's none too surprising. Also a honeymoon suite with double beds? Disappointing indeed.

? In the bucolic Connecticut township of Litchfield Hills, something delightfully strange is afoot. The hotelier behind Winvian commissioned 15 different architects to design the 18 guest cottages on the property. Most of these have some traditional New England feel, but one architect went off his or her rocker, choosing to stick a former Coast Guard helicopter inside a barn and convert it for nightly use. The interior of the whirly bird contains a seating area, television, stainless steel bar and a restored cockpit for imaginary flights of fancy. Thankfully, the mattress isn't crammed inside the 'copter but rests in an alcove opposite a jacuzzi tub. This might be a novelty but the price sure isn't, starting at $950 per night.

? Across the Atlantic, the Brits have a strange way of enjoying the seaside. The Martello Tower, one of several such towers built to defend against a potential invasion by Napoleon, is now managed by the Landmark Trust as a shared boarding house. While we're all for preservation and enjoy the unique advantages of historic accommodations, we would have a hard time selling renters on the narrow gun-port windows when such beautiful coastal vistas are just on the other side. Thankfully, there's a roof from which to enjoy the views in good weather, but there are more worries to be had, like the lack of floor-to-ceiling walls making for very public private spaces.

? Ever wanted to live like you were about to invade Troy? Well now you can at Belgium's La Balade des Gnomes where the proprietors have constructed a full-scale—if none-too-historically accurate—replica of the Trojan Horse, replete with slap-dash wooden construction and wheels. There's space for two inside, and thankfully a few windows, which we're guessing were not on the original. If so, those Trojans had it coming. French speakers should check out the Tim Burton-esque website for a few more fanciful rooms.
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