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Here's Where Tori Spelling's Lived For the Last Couple of Years

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It's a special fortnight indeed when Tori Spelling makes two rare appearances on Curbed—first we looked at InvenTORI, her Sherman Oaks, Calif., furniture shop, and now we're peeking at the estate where the actress/reality TV star honed her decorating prowess. She and husband Dean McDermott have just listed their Encino, Calif., villa for $3.119, hoping to make a tidy li'l profit off the place they purchased for $2.495M back in 2008. The 6,700-square-foot manse has six bedrooms, 6.5 baths; decorating fanatic Spelling did the interiors herself. Shortly after moving in and changing up the decor, she told People that "[i]t's important for me to live in a beautiful space, but I also want my kids to feel they can play around," describing the overall feel as "Hollywood Regency meets eclectic antique tied together by cozy family style."

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