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Jaw-Dropping New Emirates Palace May Reach 2M Square Feet

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While the Guggenheim labor controversy has shed recent light on the Emirates city of Abu Dhabi, turns out there's a whole lot of other stuff going on there. Take, for example, the new presidential palace, a $490M project that was awarded to Greek construction firm Consolidated Contractors Company and Abu Dhabi-based architects Ewan Architectural & Engineering Consultancy last year. Homes of the Rich offers the insane-looking rendering, which shows off a main palace (expected to total more than 2M square feet), smaller palaces, villas, and a smattering of other outbuildings and amenities. The compound will sit in good, sweet, ostentatious company beside the Emirates Palace Hotel, which made a name for itself around the holidays by hosting a Christmas tree dripping in $11M worth of jewelry.

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