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Most Monied Quotes in Spring 2011 New York Observer HOME

New York City, locale of Curbed's world headquarters and discussed ad infinitum on our sister site Curbed NY, is called home by millions and millions of people. Today The New York Observer seeks to shed light on how some of them live in its Spring 2011 Home Observer magazine, which comes as a supplement to the newspaper and as a digital pub. online. Called "New Yorkers at Home," the issue happens to come on the heels of New York magazine's Apartment Issue and profiles movers and shakers such as Linda O'Keeffe, longtime creative director of the now-defunct Met Home, the guys behind novelty store Pylones, DJ/model/socialite Sky Nellor, and Marc Balet, who served as creative director of Interview under Andy Warhol. Whew! Life for New Yorkers is one big bougie parade. Something tells us that gal who lives in that 90-square-foot apartment is nowhere to be found here.
10: "At first I had doubts about the floors I'd installed. They're bleached, hand-hewn oak, and without furniture they looked busy and distracting." [Linda O'Keeffe]

9: "My kitchen is buttery yellow...[m]ore than handsome, it's finely calibrated so it delivered chewy oatmeal cookies, crisp onion tarts, and apple pies that are seriously photogenic." [O'Keeffe]

8: "[Sky] Nellor, who appeared on the cover of Spanish Vogue, and who is in a Guess Jeans campaign with Anna Nicole Smith, is familiar with the insides of nice hotels: as a jet-setting DJ who spins at clubs from Spain to Shanghai, she might only spend a week per month in New York."

7: "I'd come back from a trip and say, 'Hey, that's new,'" said Nellor of [decorator Daun] Curry's additions."

6: "I needed the pieces"—like chunky Kartell Pop Sofas and Kieran Kinsela wood tables—"to be sturdy. I want to sit there with my girlfriends and have a good time." [Nellor]

5: "When not building towers of flowers the Frenchman surveys his garden—Central Park, that is—from lofty heights and floor-to-ceiling glass windows from the 16th floor of a glassy new development on Central Park North." [Olivier Giugni, celebrity florist]

4: "Like anybody, I live more in my office than my apartment," he said. [Giugni]

3: "They had three requirements: 'It had to be within two-hours drive of Manhattan, near water, and gay-friendly," Mr. [Alan] Ceppos [co-owner of Pylones-USA] said.

2: "The solar-heated swimming pool was purposesly set to the side of the house, hidden from view from the back deck, where the men entertain all summer and sit in the winter catching whatever rays sneak through. [Ceppos and his partner, Pylones-USA co-owner Frederic Rambaud]

1: "A custom-made curved dining table is a dramatic gesture in a large room. 'I have dinners here all the time. Over the holidays I had as many as 70 people for a party. I've even had up to 300 guests a time,' [Marc] Balet says. 'This is a very drop by place. Pals come up and buzz up all times of the day.'"

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