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Beach House From Beverly Hills, 90210 Still Up For Grabs

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Last week, the New York Times asked readers whether they'd consider buying homes with storied pasts—murders, suicides, brothels, etc. Here's another question: would you consider buying the house where Donna Martin was nearly raped? Where Kelly Taylor's crazy roommate, Tara, stashed her gun? That's right, the famed Hermosa Beach, Calif., beach house from Aaron Spelling's '90s cult classic Beverly Hills, 90210 has been on the market for a while—the full single-family house, not just the top floor. The exterior alone will be familiar to the show's acolytes—the interior scenes was filmed elsewhere—but all uninspired listing photos aside, the place boasts 135 square feet of water frontage and more than 2,868 square feet of living space. Looks like just the place for a virgin to finally get down with David. Ask: $8.999M, down from an original ask of more than $10M.

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