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Curbed National's Getting its Staffing On; Care to Join Our Team?

Sound the trumpets, alert the masses, let all hell breaketh loose: Curbed National is looking to hire an editor to join our team of merry pranksters. Forget all that career-center mumbo-jumbo about being a "detail oriented" "self starter"—we don't even want to see your resume.
What we do want to see is a personality that borders on obsessive—particularly about the myriad subjects Curbed covers—a schedule that would allow for daily blogging, and a general good nature and sense of humor. This is a freelance gig with commensurate pay; you'll be able to work from anywhere you want so long as you keep an ear close to the ground. If you think you fit the bill, drop an email to with a brief description about yourself and a paragraph or two about why you're interested in the job. If you've got a blog, please include a link to it as well. No resumes, please. If we like what we see, we'll be in touch quickly with more details about the application process—oh, lord, that's mumbo-jumbo again. Thanks.