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Flower Bunker of Soccer Phenom Gary Neville Stalled (Again)

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Just because you used to be the Manchester United captain in a country full of soccer fanatics doesn't mean you necessarily get what you want. Just ask Gary Neville, whose hopes of building a crazy five-bedroom underground bunker-slash-house have been stalled once again by lack of government approval. Neville originally unveiled the plans for the compound, which is positioned around a central kitchen "room," back in Jan. 2010, and it was soon dubbed the Teletubby House for its likeness to the earth-bermed homes the little creatures live in. But no cute name (nor local dry-stone walls, native grass roof, wind turbine, or solar panels) would win over the town planning committee, which rejected the 8,000-square-foot blueprints the following June. Neville has been contesting the rejection ever since, appealing to the "contemporary country house" clause in building laws that allows houses of “exceptionally high quality" to pass muster. (We can see such a clause coming in handy for a wide variety of scenarios not limited to architecture.) Anyway, planners finally backed Neville's plea last month; now, he's waiting on one last piece of red tape before he can break ground on what will surely be the weirdest single-family residence the world has ever seen come to life.

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