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Ron Paul Gets Webby and Tries to Sell House Over Facebook

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No one can ever accuse Texas Rep. Ron Paul of not dreaming big—he's just set up a committee for a possible 2012 presidential bid after the '88 and '08 blunders. Oh, and he's now attempting to sell the Lake Jackson, Texas, house that he and wife Carol have lived in for four decades the old-fashioned way: by posting ads for the listing site, smartly named Buy Ron Paul's House, on Facebook. "If you or someone you know is moving to the Houston/Galveston/Lake Jackson area, they can get more information through this website," he announced to his more than 324,000 Facebook fans.
All boring stats aside (four bedrooms, five baths, 5,500 square feet, a pool), the brightest selling point of the property is most certainly this: "Generations of
Liberty loving kids have grown up here, and you can continue the tradition." For a reasonably-sounding—at least in these parts—price of $325K, the "same home-office Dr. Paul used for 42 years" can be yours.

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