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Jaw Dropping Amenities To Transform A Tired Luxury Pad

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Photos: Ricardo DeAratanha/L.A. Times

Plenty of decked-out listings have been popping up on our radar lately, with a host of one-of-a-kind amenities like indoor hockey rinks and bowling alleys. Turns out there are plenty of home additions out there waiting to jazz up a boring McMansion. From entire rooms, to just a shower, to the vertical version of an endless pool, we've gathered five of the best—or craziest—here. Kicking things off is the winner of Maserati's Design Driven, a competition to find the most architecturally impressive garage. Brentwood, Calif. resident Holger Schubert transformed his living room into a display case for his gunmetal gray 1984 Ferrari 512. A ramp leads from the roadway directly into the lofty, glass-walled hillside home. This one likely required a deep love of cars and some equally deep pockets, but Schubert won't say how much it cost.

? Jeremy Kipnis freely admits he spent no less than $6M on this home theater setup that includes a legion of speakers, one of the largest projection screens in a private home at 18 feet diagonal, and every conceivable media input—the guy's even got a Laserdisc player. The record producer and audiophile spent years perfecting this setup, but will hawk his services to any rich guy looking to replicate his monster system, known as the Kipnis Studio Standard—not that there's anything standard about it.

? If a $6M spot for watching Ratatouille is a little much, consider an upgrade in the bathroom instead. This shower, known as the SilverTag, is a computer-controlled master of a relaxing clean. Utilizing fourteen shower heads, the SilverTag will clean and sooth for the low, low starting price of $100K. Kinda makes the $6,390 toilet look cheap, doesn't it?

? Sometimes the ritziest amenities don't have to be the biggest or most expensive, just the most obscure and decadent. That's how we fell for the TreadWall. If you've ever wanted a climbing wall in your house, but lacked the necessary three-story wall, this earthbound equivalent of the endless pool has you covered. Made up of rubber treads that cycle through the machine, this $10K plaything packs the workout of a cliffhanger without the danger or sense of adventure.

? Lastly, there's the classic basketball court. Now, out in the suburbs, homeowners can stick a hoop over a patch of tarmac for minimal cost, but in the city, you'd better be prepared to pony up for a suitable space to play. Even then, urban basketball aficionados might have to live with some unfortunate compromises. Just check out this basement basketball court that Curbed NY found in a $45M Tribeca mansion. Yeah, the lines are on the court and the hoop is up on the wall, but those iron columns mean this space is useful for a casual game of Horse and little else.
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