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Trulia Masterfully Maps Out Complex Web of Home Price Reductions

Here's a handy little infographic, courtesy of our friends over at Trulia, for any seller that's wondered if the listing price they're hoping for is what they're actually going to get. In other words: here's a handy little infographic for any seller in the history of sellers. The Price Reductions Map has just gone live, and it's a terrific way of monitoring average price, how long before the first price reduction, average percentage of reduction, and likelihood of a second reduction, all by zip code. Meanwhile, a color-coded map shows how long properties (all residential, from single-family homes to condos) are on the market before the first price chop. Come to think of it, this is a pretty nifty tool for buyers, too, who may be gauging how strong or weak a market is in hopes of waiting out a price reduction. Genius! More info here.

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