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Meet Hi-Matic, France's Newest Technicolor Boutique Hotel

Opening this month in Paris is Hi-Matic, a 42-room boutique hotel/hostel designed by French design firm Matali Crasset. And since putting "matic" after something ensures its coolness, this is one of the coolest, and certainly bougiest, hostels ever to grace one of the coolest cities on the planet. According to the designers, the slick, modern, futuristic space, with tons of rubber and plastic and rooms in every color of the rainbow, is "[c]ontemporary in its layout, warm in its the choice of living areas, affordable in terms of price and sincere with regards to environment awareness"; it's a "warm cocoon in the heart of the city revives the best Japanese Riokan, the youth hostel or the rest house." Let's hope the hostel-loving youth has plenty to shell out for the sake of rest—a random search of a weeklong stay in May produced room rates of more than $200 a night. MoCoLoCo has the video of Hi-Matic's construction and a bunch of people speaking the sweet, sweet, language of love.

· Hi-Matic [official site]
· Video: Hi-Matic Hotel by Matali Crasset [MoCoLoCo]