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Fabulous Lakefront Estate Loses Luster With Seventies Decor

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Location: Highland Park, Ill.
Price: $7,495,000
The Skinny: Tucked away in a stand of trees on the shores of Lake Michigan, this curvaceous home was built in 1963. But if it started off somewhere in the subdued aesthetics of that decade, the '70s brought a raucous bent to the decor that hasn't been swapped out since. The case for the disco era is made with overstuffed curvilinear couches, garish color combinations, and abundant use of Lucite—including an entire piano encased in the plastic. But all of these complaints can be addressed with some new furniture, and the house itself offers up some visual interest without overwhelming. Now, if we could just take care of that faux-wood paneling this place would be a swinging pad fit for contemporary consumption.
· 65 Vine Street [The Hudson Company]