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Tour One Hyde Park, Home to London's Most Expensive Flat

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Last fall, an anonymous Ukranian buyer—and presumed billionaire—plunked down $222.8M for a penthouse at One Hyde Park, setting a record for a residential transaction in England. Set between the tony neighborhood of Knightsbridge—home to luxe retailers like Harrod's—and the leafy expanse of Hyde Park, apartments in the building are commanding insane premiums. According to this report by Al Jazeera, prices have reached as high as $9,500 per square foot in the Richard Rogers-designed building. The project was helmed by Britain's own youthful development duo, the Candy brothers, who plunged $1.6B into the project. Check out interviews with the Candys and Rogers, along with shots of the sumptuous interiors, after the jump.

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